The project aims at increasing the biodiversity inside the ‘Monte Giglio’ quarry, thanks to a joint work between the school and the local community.

The students will be engaged in different subjects and deal with interactive laboratories, to learn about their local situation, the territory and its excellent products, the unexpressed potential and the possibilities of enrichment, even with small everyday actions.

The school will become the pulsing heart of the activities which will inevitably involve the local area, thanks to the direct participation of the production sector, the Municipal Authorities, the Parco Adda Nord and ERSAF (Regional Board for the Agricultural Forests Service). The project aims at producing, in the school area, some plants coming from autochthonous seed which, integrated with other plants produced by ERSAF, will allow the creation of wood areas in the cave, with valuable trees and shrubs, typical of the territory, as to increase both the flora and the fauna biodiversity. The Adda Nord Park nearby will be useful for the knowledge of the species, while ERSAF will be involved with specific intervention for the supply of the seed and the students will illustrate the seeding techniques. The kids will be involved in the realization of small houses and shelters for the animals.