The project consists in the creation of an interactive-educational nature trail inside the woods of Santa Giustina (BS). In this place it will be created a game in a "treasure hunt" style. The people will solve puzzles and questionnaires related to biodiversity, interacting with the surrounding nature. By overcoming the various tests and recovering various clues, it will be possible to search for a treasure hidden inside the woods. The goal is to create a functional and educational place for the community (involving every age range) to raise awareness about issues concerning the defense of biodiversity and respect for the environment, through a method of direct and funny interaction. The project will be planned to be easily manageable over time, respecting the action of the environmental redevelopment carried out by the company. Players will embark on an adventure with the help of their smartphone devices. Totems with QR code will be placed along the nature trail with which it will be possible to connect to a dedicated site to solve puzzles and questionnaires, accumulating clues and reaching the place where a treasure is hidden. The various treasures will be made up of special reward, linked to local and non-local companies (associations, individuals, brand, etc.) that are dedicated to protect biodiversity and enhance the environment.