The former Santa Giustina quarry will become a nature classroom, where volunteers will deploy their skills to arouse, through emotions, the interest of the Community towards nature, and show to participants the importance of protecting urban and peri-urban ecosystems. The project aims to raise awareness on the importance of nature and of the services for the ecosystem provided by natural and re-naturalised areas. In addition, the project takes into account the ongoing climate emergency and intends to serve as a training ground for active citizenship especially aimed at young people, who, trained and coordinated by experts, will play a leading role by accompanying the Community while coming in contact with nature. In particular, following and emphasizing aspects linked to seasons, at least 5 excursions will be organized, which will include nature workshops aimed at various targets (families, associations, students, people with disabilities) in order to let them perceive, with all their senses, the peculiarities of natural environments, the cycle of life and its denizens. In addition, specific modules will be dedicated to promoting a citizen science experience. The different target groups will be challenged with contests (a photographic competition and one about finding renaming the quarry) and they will also take part in a final event documenting the project; additionally, there will be room for the proactivity of local associations in the perspective of co-planning.