The total mass of polyethylene in the Pacific Ocean is six times the mass of natural plankton. This world needs a super hero!
Meet the Pseudomonas aeruginosa, many consider it a negative character, as it causes different infections in humans. It lives in water and soil. Humanity tries in every possible way to get rid of it and to invent antibiotics. However, our colleagues from Australia (M. M. Reddy, 2008) decided to take an example from people of the movie "People X: Apocalypse." They teamed up with the villain, from the human point of view, in order to cope with the common, larger enemy of all life - the great and terrible polyethylene. They directed the energy of this bacteria in the right direction! And what do you think? First, the bacteria cracked the alkane to alcohol, then turned it into aldehyde, and then, even down to the fatty acid, it was humiliated. After a few more battles of the great and terrible polyethylene turned out the acetic acid . Here and so! However this method of combating plastic is quite slow and requires more study and experiments.